Why do children seem to be getting braces at a younger age?

shutterstock_145156594Ideally, everyone would be able to wait until all their baby teeth were gone to begin needed orthodontic treatment, and more often than not, this is the right course of action.  This allows for shorter treatment times and less patient burn out.  However, there are certain problems that if addressed in earlier stages of growth tend to result in better overall outcomes.

Once a patient is done growing or growth has slowed significantly, some options for achieving a great smile simply don’t work as well.  Also, early orthodontic treatment – sometimes referred to as Phase I treatment – makes sense to protect the teeth from chipping, breaking, or wearing unevenly as in the case of severe protrusion of the front teeth.

shutterstock_142318912Other common reasons for Phase I treatment include certain types of crossbite, underbites, severe crowding, and unusual eruption patterns of adult teeth.  Each child is unique, and therefore it is impossible to generalize what will be the best plan for everyone. Check out our website at www.buddorthodontics.com to learn more about Phase I orthodontic treatment.

We offer free initial examinations to patients, so they can get the information they need to be informed without worrying about the cost.  If you are concerned or even just curious about your child’s orthodontic needs, contact Budd Orthodontics so you can make the right choice for your child’s smile.