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Phoenix Orthodontics Technology

It wasn’t long ago that children and adults in need of braces didn’t have a lot of options. A visit to the orthodontist meant metal braces that wrapped all the way around every tooth – a true “metal mouth.” Fortunately times have changed, and the technological advances in orthodontics have brought aesthetics and comfort in teeth straightening to an exciting new level. Budd Orthodontics of Phoenix, Arizona strives to offer its patients the latest in orthodontic technology; products ranging from Invisalign to clear braces and beyond. And as their patients will tell you, it’s great to have options!

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Comfortable Orthodontic Options in Phoenix and Scottsdale

Adults and children in need of orthodontic treatment are living in a great era when it comes to straightening their teeth. No longer do braces have to be ugly, painful, or expensive. In fact, they can be affordable and, yes, even fun! For the uninitiated this concept may seem a bit far-fetched, but the professional staff of Budd Orthodontics in Phoenix, Arizona reminds you that it’s true. With great choices ranging from clear braces to metal braces with different colors to Invisalign, teeth straightening doesn’t have to be like it was 20 years ago.

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How long will my braces be on for?

This may be the most common question I am asked as an orthodontist.  In the digital world that we live in, we have all become accustomed to having things the minute or even the second we want them. While the average length of orthodontic treatment has been significantly reduced as a result of developments in technology over the years, orthodontic treatment is still measured in months and sometimes years, not in days or weeks.  Continue reading