The First Few Days with Braces

What are my braces going to feel like?  Are my braces going to hurt?  What foods can I eat?  These are some of the typical questions patients ask on the day of their appointment to get braces placed on their teeth. They are all very good questions and important to answer to help patients feel at ease about the changes they will experience while receiving orthodontic treatment. Continue reading

Mouthguards and Braces

Does my child need to wear a mouthguard when playing sports with braces on?  This is a question I am asked several times each week.  The simple answer is yes.  In fact, whether your child is wearing braces or not, mouthguards are a great idea to protect the health of your teeth while playing any sport in which there is the possibility of injury to your mouth. Continue reading

Halloween Candy Buy Back

shutterstock_114698182Attention all sweet-toothed candy lovers!  You are in good company – who doesn’t love a delicious piece of chewy Halloween candy? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. You can see the excitement on the faces of each of the children as they proudly tell you about their costume and ask for a sweet treat when they come to your door.   However, there are some legitimate concerns about mixing hard, chewy candies with braces.   Continue reading