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We are an Invisalign preferred provider. Schedule your child’s free braces consultation at our Scottsdale orthodontics office near North Phoenix.

Many parents believe that orthodontic treatment is reserved for pre-teens, teenagers and adults. The truth is that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child see an orthodontist at the first sign of orthodontic issues or by no later than seven years old. By this time, your child’s first adult molars will start to show, and the Scottsdale orthodontists at Budd Orthodontics will be able to determine whether there is a more serious problem or if the issue is simply a byproduct of normal mouth growth and development.

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Children exhibit many behaviors that can alert parents to a problem and cause them to make an appointment with a Scottsdale-area child orthodontist. Some of these habits or behaviors include:

Early treatment can make it easier for your Scottsdale orthodontist to alleviate significant orthodontic problems. At seven years old, your child’s mouth, jaws and gums are in early developmental stages. Permanent teeth are still coming in, their jaws are continuing to form, and their gums continue to evolve as tooth positions change. During this time, proactive orthodontic treatment is able to guide the growth and development of their mouths.

Timely screening gives our orthodontists the ability to predict problems such as overbites, crowding or gummy smiles, and develop a treatment plan to address these issues. Just because your son or daughter is seen by an orthodontic specialist at the age of seven does not always mean that they will receive treatment right away. Most children receive kid’s braces at our Scottsdale office between the ages of nine and fourteen.

The experienced team at Budd Orthodontics near Scottsdale, AZ have your child’s oral function in mind in all our treatment plans. Our approach to orthodontics for kids creates the following solutions for many of the conditions listed above, including:

Other orthodontic treatments for kids are not simply for show. Serious jaw issues and tooth problems can lead to other conditions, including tooth decay, gum disease, speech impediments, uneven tooth wear, and accidental tooth chipping. When you invest the time to go and see our Scottsdale orthodontics team, you are not only taking steps to ensure that your child has a long-lasting and beautiful smile; you are ensuring that they have a healthy smile as well!

For more information about our Scottsdale-area orthodontic treatments, Invisalign, and other braces options for kids, contact Budd Orthodontics in Scottsdale for a free consultation today!



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