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The health benefits of orthodontic treatment extend beyond the straighening of teeth - Scottsdale Phoenix AZ | Budd Orthodontics

November 9th, 2020

Most of us associate orthodontics exclusively with the straightening of our teeth. This is a logical association, but the truth is that the importance and influence of orthodontics extends beyond straight teeth and an improved smile. Dr. John Budd and the staff of Phoenix and Scottsdale-based Budd Orthodontics remind our patients in Phoenix, Scottsdale and throughout the Valley of the Sun that proper orthodontia elicits a number of health benefits that will serve you well moving forward. If you’re a candidate for a visit to the orthodontist, a better understanding of these benefits may inspire you to schedule that visit sooner than later.

Tooth Decay and Periodontal Disease – properly aligned teeth can prevent certain physical health problems, and tooth decay and periodontal disease are central among them. In terms of tooth decay, untreated orthodontic issues may exacerbate this issue. Simply put, properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean and collect less plaque. Should plaque and tartar continue to build up in your mouth, you may be at risk of developing gingivitis and, eventually, periodontal (gum) disease. Should this condition worsen, certain teeth may become loose or have to be removed.

As you can see, even if you are making an effort to keep your teeth clean, their misalignment may render your diligence in this area ineffective. Thus the importance of scheduling an appointment with your local orthodontist to make sure your teeth are properly aligned.

Fracture or Injury – protruding upper teeth are more at risk of being broken or fractured in an accident than properly aligned teeth. Repositioning your teeth via orthodontics can greatly reduce this risk.

Improved Self-Confidence – the truth is that we live in a world in which first impressions are vital. One of the key elements of making a good first impression is your smile, and if your smile is less than stellar your self confidence is certain to be as well. Straightening your teeth is not only a good idea from a physical health standpoint. It also makes us feel more confident in social situations, at work or anywhere else in which we interact with others. Being happy with your smile is important, and a good orthodontist can create that reality for you.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment are ones that keep on giving. If you’ve been putting off scheduling your visit to an orthodontist, you owe it to yourself to call today. For your health and your self-confidence, it makes sense to see an orthodontist and begin the process of properly aligning your teeth.

Mouthguards and Braces - Scottsdale Phoenix AZ | Budd Orthodontics

July 9th, 2020

Does my child need to wear a mouthguard when playing sports with braces on?  This is a question I am asked several times each week.  The simple answer is yes.  In fact, whether your child is wearing braces or not, mouthguards are a great idea to protect the health of your teeth while playing any sport in which there is the possibility of injury to your mouth.

Ironically, wearing braces actually helps protect your teeth from injury during sports in a way.  I have seen several cases where a child has been elbowed or hit in the mouth, and were it not for the braces, they would have likely lost a tooth.  The braces act as a splint for the teeth and provide “strength in numbers”.  Instead of one single tooth absorbing the force of the blow, the force is spread across multiple teeth, thereby reducing its harmful effects.  However, the effect the braces have on your lips and cheeks if you get hit in the face can be more damaging, then it would otherwise be without braces.  A mouthguard will help protect your lips and cheeks from being cut or bruised in case of a sports accident and will also help provide the splinting effect to soften the blow.

There are a variety of different sports mouthguards available.  The “boil and bite” mouthguards should be avoided while wearing braces.  They will actually hinder the movement of the teeth and may pull some of the braces off during placement and removal.  There are mouthguards designed specifically for use with orthodontic appliances and only these mouthguards should be used during treatment.  Most orthodontists have orthodontic mouthguards available at their offices, or they can also be purchased at most sporting goods stores.

With the proper protection, you can continue to enjoy all the same activities you enjoyed prior to beginning your orthodontic treatment and keep your teeth healthy, safe and beautiful.  If you have any questions about mouthguards for orthodontics, please visit our website or contact our office.

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